Financial Freedom Action Plan: Educate Thyself

by James on 02/16/2010

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So you thought once you graduated from college that you wouldn’t have to study anymore? Well, think again. Becoming successful and staying successful in whatever you do requires you to continuously educate yourself. Your competitors are doing it right now. How will you stay at the top of your industry if you aren’t utilizing the latest technologies and best practices for your field? If you want to enter an industry in which you have no experience, how do you expect to be successful without some knowledge? The simple fact is that if you are not educating yourself continuously, your chance of success or continued success is very low.

Think back to a time when you were not prepared for an important exam. How did you feel? Was it stressful? Did you feel fear or hopelessness during the exam? This is a horrible feeling, isn’t it? Although this may be difficult, try to remember a time when you were well prepared for an important exam. How did you feel? Confident? Maybe even a little excited? The truth is that we can all be confident and successful if we know what we are doing. The more educated you are, the higher your chance of success will be.

Are you saying I have to go back to school?

Not at all! If you don’t have a college degree, I highly recommend it, but a degree is not a requirement for achieving financial freedom. If you have chosen real estate as one of your future sources of passive income, start reading books on the topic. Search the Internet for reliable information. Study it.

Are you saying that I have to know everything about a passive income source before I get started?

Of course, not! It would be next to impossible to know everything about any topic. Just make sure you have a solid foundation of knowledge before you start parting with your hard earned income. We are not speculating our way to success. If this is what you were planning on, you might as well go buy some lottery tickets and hope for a miracle.

What am I doing to educate myself?

1. I read. I am constantly reading articles and books written by experts in the fields I am interested in. If I am interested in writing better content, I go to Copy Blogger. If I want to learn more about search engine optimization, I go to Search Engine Journal. If I want to know how to grow grapefruit trees… you get the picture.

2. I ask questions. Talk to the experts. Pick their brains for information. Surprisingly, many experts are more than happy to help out. My point is that someone has already been successful in almost everything you are thinking about trying. Learn from their mistakes. The key is to dodge any major mistakes that an expert could have easily helped you avoid.

3. I listen. Did you know how much you can learn from listening? It is incredible. There is an Internet radio station for just about every topic imaginable. An expert in the field you are interested in is talking right now. Find them and listen.

Start educating yourself today! As you learn, you’ll feel more confident and your chance of success will skyrocket as your fear dissipates. Remember to be consistent. Good luck!

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