Financial Freedom Action Plan: Find A Mentor

by James on 02/22/2010

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Remember the importance of educating yourself prior to pursuing whatever passive income source that interests you. The last thing you, I or anyone needs is to make a major mistake which could cost lots of hard earned dollars. Educate thyself. Last time we spoke about how reading, asking questions and listening could increase your knowledge, confidence level and chance of success. What else can you do increase your odds of success?

Find an expert who is willing to mentor you!

Find someone who has successfully accomplished what you want to accomplish and is willing to “hold your hand” while you gain experience. What better way could there be to lessen your chances of failure? It almost seems foolproof, although I won’t make that claim! :)

Where do I find one of these mentors?

1. Search for local chapters or groups. It is very likely that there is a local group that meets in your area whose purpose is to discuss your topic of interest in addition to networking with each other. There will almost undoubtedly be some experts in these groups. Seek them out.

2. Search the Internet for online groups. There will definitely be discussion forums or social media groups that you can join online. You will have access to a very large number of experts, however, be careful to verify all information you receive. In fact, verify all information you receive all the time.

3. Find a life coach or business coach. What? You haven’t heard of one of these before? A life coach helps their clients determine what personal goals they want to reach and then how to achieve them. This can be an incredible way to get started toward your dream of financial freedom! Just make sure you do your due diligence on any coaches you are considering. For example, if you want to get into real estate, make sure the life coach has had lots of solid experience in that area. Ask for references. Some life coaches have radio shows, too. This is a great way to get to know them before actually hiring them.

4. Don’t forget books! Experts tend to write books. Some even respond to your questions if you send them an email.

Am I doing any of the above? Yes!

  • I currently am a member of a local real estate group, Lifestyles Unlimited, which is full of experienced investors. They have shared a wealth of knowledge and have given my wife and I the courage to go out and buy an investment property!
  • I am also a member of a local Adobe User Group. This group is wonderful for keeping up-to-date in the web development world. Group members make presentations each month that use various Adobe software.
  • I also have an amazing life coach, Sharmen Lane, who has helped my wife and I out immensely! She has given us direction and the motivation to accomplish our goals. And, she can help you out, too! Thank you, Shar!
  • One book a month is my goal. Not too much, right? In 10 years at 12 books a year that is 120 books! Now that is a wealth of information!

Nothing will get you to your goals quicker than a good mentor. They are everywhere. So many of them are looking to give back to the world by providing their expert advice. Go out and find one today!

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