Video: Before/After Home Office Renovation

by James on 01/20/2011

Home office before renovation

Having a nice environment to work in can make an enormous difference in a person’s productivity. Since our home office was cluttered and had an out-dated appearance, we decided to give ourselves a productivity boost by remodeling the room. We created a video of the process that we felt would be fun to share. Take a look and please let us know what you think!

Renovation Details

- Sanded all the wood paneling
- Caulked every seam between all wood trim pieces
- Two coats of primer
- Two coats of flat white ceiling paint for, of course, the ceiling.
- Two coats of egg shell in olivewood (brownish-gray)
- Three coats of egg shell in creamy white
- Monte Carlo 52″ ceiling fan
- Travertine 16 x 16″ tiles with light grout
- Two coats of sealant on tile
- IKEA Galant desks
- IKEA Expedit bookshelf
- IKEA Besta cabinet
- 46 x 60″ chairmats
- Executive high-back chairs (very comfortable!)
- LG 37″ LED LCD with Sanus wall mount

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Diana 03/30/2011 at 2:04 pm

Looks really good James! I love the colors and the floor is beautiful! Did you do and your dad put in the floor as well? Or did you hire someone?

We are about to renovate our office too. It won’t be as complete as yours. We will be putting in French Doors, new paint, new art, new desk, small reading chair and small table, an area rug, lamp, and David wants to build a new computer. Later on we’ll add recessed lighting, wall sconces, a new floor, and David wants three large monitors…but that part is years away from happening.

James 03/30/2011 at 2:27 pm

@Diana – Thank you very much! The flooring was done by a professional. He has done excellent work for my father and several friends. Regarding your home office renovation, I am excited for you! It sounds like it will be awesome when it’s done. Three monitors?! Maybe I need to add a third one, too? ;)

Zero Passive Income 05/27/2011 at 8:02 am

Wow. Awesome awesome job. Looks like it was a lot of hard work. But it came out looking really beautiful. Hopefully this has led to increased productivity for the two of you!

James 05/31/2011 at 12:18 pm

@Zero Passive Income

Thank you! Our productivity has increased! It has been so much more comfortable to sit and focus on work. I enjoy being in our office.

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