Welcome to my website, Freedom By 40, and my journey to achieve financial freedom by the time I reach 40 years of age (started in January, 2010) in January of 2015! My name is James Eisenlohr. Like many of you, I am a college graduate and work at a job from 8am to 5pm, Monday through Friday. I was taught to go to college and study hard to get a degree, so that I could land a good paying job. If I worked hard, I would have security and continue to receive promotions and pay raises. Fortunately, much of this has come true for me.

Despite my good fortune, there is definitely something missing. Free time. Everyday, I wish I had more time to spend with my family and friends. Everyday, I wish I could travel or spend time doing my hobbies that I enjoy. What is holding me back? My job! If I could get rid of the job, but keep the paycheck, that would give me the freedom I am looking for and I know many of you are looking for as well.

So, how in the world am I going to get rid of the job and still have a paycheck coming in? Find out by following me on my quest to achieve financial freedom! And, I hope that you will join in on all the fun, too!

What is my passive income goal per month to achieve financial freedom?

For me it is 10K per month. This is enough for me to pay all my bills, get excellent family health insurance coverage, have extra money to invest in more assets and take a few extended vacations a year.

What will I do once I achieve financial freedom?

Of course, I will do a little celebrating! Take a vacation. Spend more time with the family, workout more often, and spend more time with my hobbies. But, I won’t stop there. Like most of you, I’ll still want to do some work. But, only work that excites me. I will also continue building my passive streams of income by investing in more assets.


I am not in any way here to provide professional, legal, medical or financial advice. Please do not make any decisions without consulting a professional. This is simply a detailed account of my personal plan for achieving financial freedom. I am not responsible for any inaccurate information. And, there is no guarantee that anything I write about will help you achieve financial freedom.

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