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Image of a house with a for rent sign

As you know, I listed real estate as one of the passive income sources for achieving financial freedom. Real estate has been a sign of power for a thousands of years! But, what makes it so special for earning money today? Real estate is a limited resource. There is only a certain amount of it and if you purchase it for below market value and find a reliable tenant to pay the mortgage, it can almost certainly help you become wealthy. Let’s talk about what makes real estate such a unique investment! (Continue)


Assets Versus Liabilities

by James on 02/18/2010

Image of the assets we would like to have. Cash.

Okay, I know, I know. You already know what assets and liabilities are. You learned this in your accounting 101 class. Assets are good and liabilities are bad. Right? Seems pretty simple, but why is it that so many people have different opinions on whether certain items are assets or liabilities? Or, whether all assets are good and all liabilities are bad? For instance, is your house an asset? Is all debt harmful to your health? Let’s tackle these questions one at a time. (Continue)