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Image of houses sitting on a stack of one hundred dollar bills

Now is the time to start picking up rental properties! There are plenty of great deals out there with all the new foreclosures popping up each week. The following is a simple guide for getting your first rental property. Simple does not mean easy. What it does mean though is that it doesn’t take a rocket scientist to do this and do it well. I have met so many people, just like us, that have been very successful with real estate. So why not you and me? Let’s get started! (Continue)


Image of my first rental property

As I promised, here is the video walk-through of our first rental property before any rehab has been started. I will be adding the after repair video within the next couple weeks. It will be wonderful to see the dramatic change from an ugly duckling to a decent duckling once the repair work is complete. Our goal is to make this Houston area property clean and functional… a nice place for a family to live. (Continue)


Image of me at closing, signing papers.

Today has been a very exciting day! I closed on my first rental property! It is a single-family home, 1500 sq ft, 3 bedroom, 2 1/2 bath, 2 car garage, located about 15 minutes from my personal residence. This whole process has been exciting, but nerve-racking as well. Let me tell you how I’ve gotten to this point and what my next steps are for this property. (Continue)