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Image of a living room damaged by tenants

Now that you have rented your property and are collecting monthly rent checks, you need to make sure your property stays in good shape. The last thing any real estate investor needs is a hefty repair bill when tenants move out. Unfortunately, nothing is full-proof, but if you follow the steps below, the chances of your property remaining relatively undamaged will be higher. (Continue)


Top 3 Ways To Avoid Terrible Tenants

by James on 08/18/2010

Image of a Real Estate Investor with a horror story

Once you get past the fear of purchasing your first rental property and land a great place, you have got to be feeling pretty good! And, you should! However, don’t pop open the champagne just yet. Aside from getting your place all fixed up, you need to be searching for someone to pay your new monthly mortgage. And, not just anyone either! I have heard horror story after horror story from other landlords about how tenants haven’t paid the rent and even destroyed their rental properties. Don’t let this happen to you! (Continue)